B.Sc. (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning)
(Approval Awaited)

The present day technology being used in the field of computer science & engineering is losing its sheen with advancement in portability and automation aspects. The day is not far off when these devices will become obsolete (as we find that desktops have disappeared, laptops are making way for mobiles, robotics’ use in industry is increasing…) All big companies and MNCs are now working on AI & ML and looking for professionals with AI & ML background. It is a futuristic & booming technology since it lays emphasis on time saving, efficiency, self intelligence, micro accuracy, computer vision and having capability of predictions. Moreover it can also simulate the human behavior into the system. So to keep pace with the changing market scenario and meet the future market demand, we have to equip ourselves now by introducing this course at LGC. As regards the job opportunities, there will be plenty of these like those of Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, AI Architect, Business Analyst, Product Analyst, Robotics etc. Since it is a basic course at U/G level, there should not be a problem of intake of students

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