Guidelines for Scholarship Scheme for SC/ST, OBC, SWD Category

Post Matric Scholarship for SC/ST Students (Punjab Residents):
All students belonging to SC/ST category whose annual family income from all sources does not exceed Rs. 2,50,000/-will be eligible for this scholarship .No non refundable fee will be charged from students.Applicable college fee and maintenance allowance will be claimed by the college from the Punjab Govt,

Post Matric Scholarship for SC/ST Students of other States:
Students from other must check Web site of Social Welfare Department of their respective state for advertisements and time schedule for submission of scholarship forms. Forms duly completed and recommended by the college will be submitted by the students to the respective welfare department of their respective state. Scholarship amount as and when received from state Govt. is adjusted against the pending dues of the student/refunded to students.

Post Matric Scholarship for OBC Students:
Annual Income of Parents/Guardians from all sources should be less than Rs. One lac. Students are required to pay College Fee & all other charges at the time of admission/ every semester. Scholarship amount approved/released by the Govt will be credited direct to the student’s bank account. In addition to this, maintenance allowance for day scholar and hostler will be paid to the student as per the prescribed rates. Students should check web site of Social Welfare Department of their respective state for details and time schedule for applications.

Special Scheme of Punjab Govt. for SC/ST Girl Students:
Annual Income of annual income of parents/guardians from all sources should be less than Rs 65,960/-. Scholarship amount is Rs 125/- per month for day scholars and Rs 250/- per month for hostlers.

Scholarship for de-Notified Tribal Students:
Annual income of Parents/Guardians from all sources should be less than Rs50,000/- per annum. Such students will be awarded scholarship at the rates prescribed the Govt.

Post Matric Merit cum means Scholarship Scheme for Minority Communities:
Applicable to Sikh, Muslim, Christian, Parsis & Budhist students. Annual income of Parents/Guardian from all sources should be less than Rs 2,50,000/- Applications are to be filled up “on line” and are to be submitted to Welfare Departments of their respective state by the students duly recommended by the College. Last date for submission of application forms "On Line" is 30 September for fresh cases and 31st. December for renewal cases.

Scholarship Scheme of Punjab Govt .for SWD (Students with disabilities):
Students with various types of disabilities are given scholarship @Rs 2500/- per month and grant for books & stationery worth Rs 6000/- per annum. Application forms are to be filled up on line. Eligible students should log on to or for details.

PTU Free ship Scheme:

There are three categories of eligible students under this scheme
(i) Parent Less students - PLS
(ii) Father Less students -FLS
(iii) Economically Weaker Students - EWS
Annual income of parents of such students should be less than Rs 50000/-
Special Scholarship Scheme for students of J & K State: (Approved by MHRD & implemented by AICTE)
Students should log on to for details and registration.